Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he has received from God.  1 Peter 4:10


What is Stewardship?

   Stewardship is acknowledging that all we have and all we are comes from God.

  Stewardship is an acknowledgment of God’s kingship over us. Christian stewards, Jesus’ disciples, recognize God as the origin of life, giver of freedom, and the source of all things. We look to the life and teaching of Jesus for guidance in living as Christian stewards.

Transfiguration Church, side view  Stewardship has the power to shape and mold our understanding of our lives and the way in which we live.

What is Sacrificial Giving?

 Sacrificial giving is based on the notion that the giving of one’s time, talent and treasure is central to the Christian life.
 Our giving expresses our trust in God who will provide for us and in a community that will use our gifts to build the kingdom.

What is A Disciple?

 A disciple is a follower of our Lord Jesus. It is through our Baptism that we receive the right and responsibility to be a disciple of Jesus.
 Christian stewards respond in a particular way to be a disciple of Jesus.



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